Global Space Adventure Challenge with Robo Wunderkind

Join other schools worldwide and participate in our first Space Adventure Challenge with your students!

new deadline

Register in less than 1 minute until May 18th!

Enter our Global Challenge, join schools from 8 countries and set off on a space adventure together with your students. Registration closes May 18th! After you’ve registered, submit your projects by July 25th and get a chance to win amazing prizes that you and your students will love. The best part: your participation is totally free!

What is Robo Wunderkind Global Space Adventure Challenge?

The Robo Wunderkind Global Space Adventure Challenge is an exciting competition opportunity for students worldwide. We invite all educational institutions that have Robo Wunderkind* to participate: a panel of expert judges will evaluate students’ projects and the most creative ideas will be rewarded with fantastic prizes.

Our challenge centers around the Space Adventure topic. We live in the 21st century when people can travel to space and land on Mars, and these achievements wouldn’t be possible without great scientists and engineers! With this challenge, we want to encourage children to learn about robotics, coding, design, and new technologies. Our mission is to support young explorers in their path to become great engineers and science pioneers!

*Want to join, but no Robo Wunderkind yet? Contact us at to borrow one (DACH & UK only).

By joining our Space Adventure Challenge, you can only win:

Develop 21st-century skills

Through designing, prototyping, and programming their Space Adventure projects, students will learn to solve real-life problems. Not only will they pick up logical and critical thinking skills, but they will also exercise their creativity to the fullest!

Encourage teamwork and collaboration among students

Students will work in small groups and will learn to collaborate and communicate effectively. By solving problems together, children will have a chance to exercise teamwork and leadership skills.

Join the challenge virtually

We welcome teams from all around the world - our challenge is entirely virtual, and there is no need for travel. Progress at your own pace and submit your projects by July 25th - from anywhere in the world.

Participate for free

There are no entry fees in this competition! Participate and access our supporting resources completely for free.

Get supported along the way

Participating educators and teams will be supported by our webinars and other resources for inspiration. We are committed to making your challenge fun and educational with our tips and tricks, project ideas, and coding tutorials.

Experience community spirit

Show your team’s ideas to the whole world and get evaluated by selected judges who are experts in coding, science, creativity, and teamwork. We will also showcase every single project on our online channels. You and your students will feel proud to be a part of the global Robo Wunderkind community.

Who can apply?

  • Teachers and students from schools, afterschool programs, coding clubs, makerspaces, or any other educational institutions that have Robo Wunderkind (regardless of the number of robotics kits owned).

  • For this challenge, we welcome students between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.

  • Each school can have as many teams as they want!

The Challenge:

Create a project within the topic “Space Adventure” using Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kit/s & one of the coding interfaces: Robo Live, Robo Code, or Robo Blockly.

What is required?

You only need at least one Robo Wunderkind kit and a device compatible with our app to participate. You will also need Internet access to watch our webinars (live or on-demand), browse our supporting resources, and upload your submissions.

Other equipment like building bricks or any DIY resources is highly recommended. The more creative your projects are, the better! There is no limit to the resources you can use - let your students’ imagination run free and take any supporting materials you’d like.

Our Jury

Meet our selected panel of judges! Our jury has strong background in Coding, Robotics, Engineering, Science, Education, and Creativity. They can’t wait to see all the amazing Space projects coming in from all over the world!

Anna Iarotska

Co-founder and CEO at Robo Wunderkind. Female tech founder, seasoned business leader.

Jonathan Morley

CTO & Head of Engineering at Robo Wunderkind. Robotics engineer, innovative maker inspired by lifelong learning.

Sofya Davydova

Head of Learning Design at Robo Wunderkind. Elementary and ESL teacher with a passion for new technologies, modern teaching, and learning techniques.

Marc Faulder

Early Years Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator since 2013. Workshop facilitator and presenter at numerous educational conferences in the UK.

Erica White

Founder and Senior Consultant at EriTech Consulting. Veteran educator with 20+ years of experience and a passion for technology integration.

Michaela Weiß

CEO and founder at Digital media educator with 14+ years of experience in tech integration.  STEM workshops facilitator across all of Germany.

What are the judging criteria?

  • Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

  • The uniqueness of the solution and problem-solving skills shown

  • The complexity of the project (in building, designing, and coding)

  • Team presentation of the project

Win awesome prizes!

#1 500€ Robo Wunderkind Voucher & a Telescope worth 350€

#2 250€ Robo Wunderkind Voucher & AR Planetarium Glasses

#3 150€ Robo Wunderkind Voucher & AR Planetarium Glasses

Additionally, we will elect country winners.

Every participating team gets a surprise.

Space Adventure Challenge timeline

I signed up. What’s next?

  • Join the kick-off webinar on May 19th to get to know other schools and more information.

  • Make a creative Space Adventure Project in your classroom to introduce your students to the topic and inspire them to create their own projects. Robo Wunderkind provides the challenge idea and supporting materials.

  • Announce the challenge to your students and help them to prepare their projects if needed.

  • Help your students to submit their projects using a Robo Wunderkind Challenge Submission Template. We would need the following information:

    • Project idea

    • Picture of the project

    • Code Screenshots

    • Short video (1-3 min long) of students explaining and showing their project.

Submit until July 25th.

Send us your submissions at

Get inspired by other young creators

Your projects with Robo Wunderkind could also be featured in our hall of fame!

Go to YouTube

Not sure if you can join because of Covid?

We suggest to use collaboration tools like, and Google Docs. Divide tasks between students, take a lot of pictures and videos and combine everything at the end.

"Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity." - Gerhard Gschwandtner

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